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Onboard Weighing | Dumper trucks

Power Dumper Truck Scale

Accurate weighing in the loading phase to improve efficiency and traceability.

Dumper truck


Power PC

The Power Dumper Truck Scale is easy to use and can be fitted to all types of dumper trucks.

Weighing in the loading phase means that damage and wear due to overloading can be avoided, while also improving safety and optimising fuel consumption of the machine.

The Power Dumper Truck Scale is available in several, upgradeable models:
Power 100 - For demanding everyday use.
Power 200 - With large memory and versatile reporting.
Power 300 USB - Data transfer with a standard USB flash drive.
Power 300i - Wireless data transfer, 24/7 online access to weighing information and ERP integration capability.
Power PC - Runs on the machine's on-board PC with ERP integration capability.

A variety of options are available for the Power scale, including rear view camera, printer, external keyboard and vehicle immobilizer.

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Power Dumper Truck Scale Brochure

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