Autotech manufacture a range of net and gross weighers, hopper scales and throughput weighers for all industries, with special finishing standards for pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.

Our state-of-the-art X-Act controller can be combined with these and additionally control:

  1. Gravity, belt, vibrator and screw feeders to the weigh hopper.
  2. Peripheral equipment such as discharge vibrators, bag inflators and quick release ear hooks.
  3. Interfacing with automatic bag placers or manually operated bag holders


X-Act Scale Controller

A state-of-the-art indicator suitable for a wide range of weighing applications.


X-Act Net & Gross Weighers

Filling of various bag types and sizes, from 10kg to over 1t, using single or multi-dump discharging.


X-Act Batching & Blending

A highly versatile controller for batch and inline blending applications.


X-Act Throughput Weighers

A compact and versatile throughput weigher specifically designed for the modern flour mill.

X-Act Loss-In-Weight Feeders

Efficiently control feed rate on loss in weight feeders.

Form, Fill and Seal

Universal, flexible and economical packaging system for tubular form, fill and seal applications.


Diverse palletising applications.