Railweight, a member of the Avery Weigh-Tronix group, offers a range of accurate, affordable and robust train and rail weighing scales.

Founded in 1954, Railweight is a pioneer in dynamic weighing of rail vehicles and has the largest number of in-motion weighing systems in operation worldwide, with hundreds of systems having been supplied to Southern Africa over almost 50 years.

Railweight's innovative systems do not require costly civil work or lengthy track downtime to install and have full OIML and NRCS approval for the legal-for-trade weighing of individual trucks in a train while coupled and in motion.

"Any train, any line, anywhere in the world"


TSR4000 In-Motion Rail Weighbridge

A digital weight indicator specifically designed for high-speed dynamic rail weighing.


X-Line In-Motion Rail Weighbridge

A simpler, cost effective indicator option for low speed or static applications.


Weighline Rail Transducer

In-line rail transducers for static and dynamic weighing of rail vehicles


Streamline Rail Transducer

A new technological approach to train weighing