TSR4000 In-Motion Rail Weighbridge

A digital weight indicator specifically designed for dynamic rail weighing.

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The TSR4000 is NRCS approved up to 60km/h and OIML approved up to 80km/h which enables the data captured to be used for invoicing purposes while avoiding overloading and eccentric loading. 

Couple the TSR4000 to an RFID reader to read the tags already mounted on Transnet's fleet and incorporate wagon information in your reports.

Autotech's remote weighbridge monitoring system allows the TSR4000 to transmit data to our secure server over a mobile network. Users have real-time access to weighment data on our dashboard and reporting platforms.

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Autotech - Railweight General Brochure

TSR4000 Type Approval Certificate

TSR4000 OIML Certificate Of Conformity